We are a team of professionals with the purpose of making the Capital Market available to everyone, through expert advice and adaptable to everyone’s needs. We stand out for our personalized attention. We take the time to listen to our client. We show them the different short and long term investing scenarios, so they can make decisions under the best conditions and with the most information.

We are a young company, full of enthusiasm and eagerness to contribute and enable the development of companies.

We are registered in the National Securities Commission as an authorized Clearing and Settlement Agent under No. 186.

We transact in four markets allowing us to offer a full range of tools available in the Capital Market.


What Services do we Offer?

  • Public securities issued by the National Government and Provinces, denominated in both, dollars and Argentine pesos
  • Private Securities. Shares. Negotiable Obligations. Financial Trusts.
  • Futures contracts (US Dollar futures in ROFEX)
  • Portfolio management: fixed and variable income
  • Organization, structuring and placement of negotiable obligations
  • Placement of financial trusts of both private placement and public offering
  • Organization, structuring and placement of public debt
  • Negociación de Cheques de Pago Diferido Avalados por Sociedades de Garantía Recíproca.
  • Repurchase Agreements with Haircut

Who are we?

  • Our Vision

    To make a response to the investment and funding needs out of the Capital Market.
  • Our Mission

    To develop the Capital Market through efficient management of our own and third party resources, commitment to our clients in order to optimize their decision-making process and wealth generation.
  • Values

    • INTEGRITY: It translates into honesty, respect, responsibility and doing the right thing.
    • EFFICIENCY: It translates into compliance, punctuality and information
    • LEADERSHIP: It translates into the effort to build a brighter future.
    • PASSION: It translates into commitment and love for what we do.